When Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix Homes Makes Sense

Whether you own a home or a commercial building in Phoenix, there will come a time when the systems within the building will need repair. This includes the HVAC system, the plumbing and electrical systems and even the roofing and insulation systems.

Determining if it makes sense to proceed with air conditioning repair in Phoenix or if a full replacement of the system is the most cost-effective requires considering several factors. To help understand which option is the best, take a close look at the following issues related to your current HVAC system.

System Age

All mechanical equipment has a life cycle. For the average HVAC system for a residential home, the typical replacement time is 10-20 years. If looking strictly at using the system for the longest possible time, most homeowners will consider replacement at 15-20 years.

For homeowners concerned with greater efficiency, a replacement range of 10-15 years is often the most cost-effective. On the other hand, new systems will typically be more effectively managed with repairs rather than a replacement.


New HVAC systems offer higher levels of efficiency compare to those installed a decade or more ago. If you are considering costly air conditioning repairs on an older system, it will be essential to understand that repairs will not typically increase the efficiency of the older units.

This can make operating the older systems less cost-effective for the next few years until they reach the end of their lifecycle. Compare this to new systems that can actually help to reduce the cost of operation over the next one to two decades.

Finally, consider the information from the technician completing the current air conditioning repairs. These professionals can typically assess the overall system and let Phoenix home and business owners know the current status of the system and any possible issues. The certified HVAC professionals at Worlock AC & Heating Specialist are here to help.

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