4 Aftercare Tips for Scalp Pigmentation for Women in Las Vegas, NV

Scalp pigmentation is a special procedure for those suffering from hair loss. The procedure involves injecting pigment into the scalp so it can mix well with the natural color of the patient’s hair. This is sought after by many patients dealing with hair loss because it prevents the dreaded patchy look that so many of them have dealt with. Before you get this treatment, review these aftercare tips to ensure you have the best experience:

Try to Avoid Excessive Sweating

Scalp pigmentation for women in Las Vegas, NV, is similar to getting a tattoo on your scalp. So, naturally, you’d want to avoid allowing any sort of liquid or moisture to disturb that process. Sweat and other moisture can actually lead to infections and cause a huge setback in recovery.

Let Your Hair Grow

One of the side effects of scalp pigmentation for women in Las Vegas, NV, is mild scarring. This is normal and will start to go away about two days after treatment, but it is important to let this process happen without disrupting it. As tempting as it may be, you should avoid shaving your head or even washing your hair so the results can be plentiful and satisfying.

Keep the Scalp Moisturized

A dry and flaky scalp could cause major setbacks and make your recovery uncomfortable. Non-perfumed moisturizer is best and should be applied a few times each day to ensure flakiness and dryness. Along with that, try not to touch the scalp at all unless you’re moisturizing it.

Consult a Professional

Even if you’ve read about the best aftercare tips, the best way to recover is to get professional advice and stick to your recommended regimen. Although it may be tedious having to switch up your schedule or routine for a few days, the long-lasting results will make it worthwhile.

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