Work With a Company in Salt Lake City UT Offering Cap Table Management

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Financial Services

Whether you’re a private or public company, it’s essential to make sure you’ve got an accurate cap table. While you can try and handle this by yourself, it’s probably best if you get assistance from a company specializing in cap table management. They can help you stay compliant with the SEC and provide optimal shareholder records that address each of their needs. Getting their assistance when you’re going through an IPO may prove to be highly beneficial.

Assistance for a Private Company

Managing the cap table for a private company requires you to keep accurate data when issuance of common stock, preferred stock, RSUs or stock options is performed. Having this essential task completed by an experienced company that utilizes specific software helps make it more efficient and ensures accuracy.

Getting Help for a Public Company

Getting ready for an IPO requires you to follow specific guidelines set by the SEC. Following the required process may be more straightforward when you are working with a company that provides cap table management. They can act as a guide during the process to help make sure you stay compliant. Obtaining their help should allow you to ensure that your cap table is maintained and organized correctly and optimally. Staying informed and keeping shareholders abreast of current data should be more efficient to complete when working with this company due to the availability of data via Word, Excel or PDF reports. If you’d like to learn more about obtaining this type of service, be sure to visit EquityTrack at

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