4 Ways to Tell When You Need Brake Repairs in Columbia MO

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Automotive

If you’re driving a vehicle with power brakes, you may not notice when your brake pads need to be replaced. In these systems, braking performance doesn’t really drop off until there’s a real danger. Here, you’ll learn how to determine the need for brake repair services in Columbia, MO.

Listen Carefully

Many of today’s brake pads include spring steel tabs that protrude from the backing plates and serve as wear indicators. When the pads’ friction material wears down to a certain thickness, the tab drags on the rotor, creating a loud screeching sound. If you hear a noise like this, get your brakes checked right away.

Look for Brake Dust

A little brake dust is normal, but a sudden drop-off in quantity may indicate a problem. If there’s no brake dust where there once was, it might mean that there’s not enough friction material left to create that dust.

Evaluate Braking Performance

If one or more or your wheels lock up and skid during braking, that’s a really bad sign. Other problems include a pulsing brake pedal and a longer stopping distance.

Check the Pads

If your vehicle has slotted or spoke alloy wheels, you should be able to see the brake pads. If not, you’ll have to remove the wheels during this step. The brake pads’ friction material should be at least ¼” thick; if it’s thinner than that, it’s time to schedule brake repair services in Columbia, MO.

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