A Few of the Ways That Propane Is Being Used in Burlington, NC

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Oil & Gas

Also known as liquefied petroleum gas, propane burns clean and is an alternative fuel that has been used for decades. Propane is an alkane gas with three carbons. It must be stored under pressure and is an odorless and colorless liquid. When the pressure is released, liquid propane turns into a combustible gas. An odor is added to propane so that it can be detected if there is a leak.

The propane offered by a propane company in Burlington, NC is a great source for spark-ignited internal combustion engines. The nice thing about propane is that it does not threaten groundwater, surface water, or soil if spilled. Propane, like that offered by a propane company in Burlington, NC, accounts for about two percent of the energy in the United States.

The primary use for propane in the United States is heating homes and water. It’s used for cooking food, drying clothes, and powering industrial and farm equipment. Propane is used as a raw material for making plastic and other compounds in the chemical industry.

There is a growing interest in propane as an alternative fuel. This is thanks in part to its high energy density and its clean-burning qualities. Propane is relatively inexpensive. This is why it is now the third most commonly transported fuel behind diesel and gasoline worldwide. More research is being done on how propane can be used. It currently presents many options and solutions for homes and businesses, and it will likely take on a greater role in transportation in years to come.

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