Some Surprising Facts about Senior Care Management in Pasco County, FL

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Health Consultant

The current economic landscape can present challenges for families seeking senior care for their loved ones. Let’s dive into some basic facts about senior care management services in Pasco County, FL, that will help you learn all there is to know about senior care.

Crucial Statistics: A Glimpse into Senior’s Health

Senior care management presents a complex landscape, as sources from the National Council on Aging cite that almost 95 percent of older adults grapple with at least one chronic disease, with nearly 80 percent contending with two or more. As the number of 65+ people in the U.S. is anticipated to surge to over 73 million by 2030, they’re comprising a significant portion of the population stemming from aging baby boomers living longer.

In-Home Care vs Nursing Homes

As the costs of institutional care rise, about 80 percent of adults favor home settings over nursing homes. This fact, combined with the autonomy many seniors wish to maintain, means that in-home care services are gaining popularity, preferring familiar connections and independence over established settings for senior care management services in Pasco County, FL.

Mental Health Focus of Senior Care

Mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and dementia, affect about one in four seniors. The onset of this awareness has created an intense focus on seniors’ mental and emotional well-being that extends beyond basic care. Senior care management encompasses transportation, errands, and social companionship, all of which help emphasize a more holistic perspective toward their well-being.

The Challenges of Family Caregiving

Family caregivers invest a substantial time of over 24 hours per week in providing unpaid care and about 36 hours per week for those living with their recipients. For those living with their care recipients, juggling caregiver responsibilities with employment can lead to stress and burnout, prompting many to seek support from senior care management.

Are you ready to seek support from an in-home caregiving agency? Contact us today for our customized senior care management services in Pasco County, FL.

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