A New Lift Kit can Provide Greater Functionality and Driver Comfort

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Automotive

Now that great weather is finally here, the trails are alive with activity. This would be a great time to do some upgrades on your Jeep to really get into the off-road action with vigor.

Such modifications you can make on your vehicle include armor, driveline components, steering, and of course, suspension. Many off-roaders are now looking at the installation of the best JKU lift kit to considerably add to their performance.

An industry leader in superior off-road parts distribution features a number of lift kits that vehicle owners can evaluate. Determining which is the best JKU lift kit is rather subjective, determinant upon the needs and preferences of the vehicle owner.

Some lift kits that very popular and well-reviewed include:

JK 3.5″ Premium Series Lift Kit

This is the ultimate “Mid Arm” package, performing as well on the highway as it does off the roads. Adding this suspension will give you enough lift to add new and bigger tires. This unit provides all the adjustments you need in a kit.

JK 3.5″ Rock-Link X Long Arm Lift Kit

Installing this unit will decrease the operating angle and increase the length of the arms, making it take the impact of the terrain more manageable. The longer arms reduce accelerated stress and wear on other suspension components, and greatly reduce transmission of shock loads through the frame, making it a more comfortable ride in the driver’s seat.

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