Buying Versus Renting Portable Ultrasound Machines for a Clinic

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Ultrasound equipment can be costly, especially if it is brand-new. Purchasing new equipment requires a heavy investment that not all healthcare centers can afford. This is why many have decided to rent a portable ultrasound machine as opposed to buying one.

If an organization chooses to rent a portable ultrasound machine, they have the benefit of minimal investment. Small clinics and practices are leery about taking on investments that may not produce a huge ROI. Most medical facilities and clinics are interested in investing separately for on-field practice and in-clinic equipment. Renting portable machines may be the best option for them.

Purchasing an ultrasound machine is more than just the cost of the machine. It likely includes expenses connected to maintenance and training fees. Renting is a more viable option for practitioners who are not looking to make a sizable purchase. It is also great for clinics that don’t have the best credit score, which means that making a large financial purchase could be a challenge.

Making a small investment allows medical facilities to use more of their capital to fund other business expenses. There is not the pressure to recover costs that exist when purchasing a capital expenditure, like an ultrasound machine.

When you purchase an ultrasound machine, you are purchasing a depreciating asset. For many, it is not the best choice.

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