What To Look for When Choosing a Hospital Mattress

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Medical Equipment

The requirements for choosing a hospital mattress are different from the type of mattress that you would have in your bed at home. While in both cases you want a surface that will be comfortable to make it easier for you to go to sleep, there are other factors that need to be considered for a home hospital mattress.

The first is the practical issue and simple fact that someone who needs a hospital mattress will typically be staying in bed a lot longer than most people. Therefore, there are a few features to consider for someone staying in bed, either before a procedure, when they are recovering, or simply have mobility issues.

A good example of this is a profiling or adjustable mattress. These are ideal for adjustable hospital beds, making it easier for someone in bed to sit up or lift their knees or legs as necessary. Typically, this will be remote controlled, making it easier to adjust for personal comfort.

As well as being a better experience for the patient, this is also a benefit for the care giver involved. The level of adjustment makes it a lot easier to position someone if you must wash them or provide any treatment where the patient must be moved.

With any purchase, it is worth thinking long-term and this is equally true when it comes to buying a hospital mattress, whether it is for the home or a healthcare facility. Investing in a higher quality hospital mattress will make for a better experience for the patient and will last longer.

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