Checklist for Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Business

A properly maintained elevator is one that is safe. When an elevator is not properly maintained, breakdowns can begin to occur, along with safety issues. Elevator owners need to know what is involved in Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC, so they will be able to be prepared.

What Is Involved in Elevator Maintenance?

An elevator needs to receive routine Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC. Maintenance will help to keep the elevator working safely and properly, so injuries do not occur and repair costs can be kept to a minimum. The following offers a checklist of what is carried out during an elevator maintenance appointment.

The machine that drives the elevator will need to be thoroughly checked for any signs of problems. Leaks, wear and tear, and the need for adjustments can occur. Every component of the system will be checked and the moving parts will be carefully lubricated to prevent damage.

The inside of the car will be checked for problems, to ensure it can safely carry passengers through the floors of the building. The technicians will check the door operation and ensure it opens and closes safely and effectively. They will also check to ensure the elevator rises and lowers and is able to stay level at all times. Any problems will be repaired right away.

Outside of the elevator car, the technicians will check all the lights and the door panel and clearances to ensure everything is level and moving as it should. There are many components to an elevator and all of them need to be carefully checked to be sure safe operation will occur at all times.

Depending on the type of elevator, there may be a pit that needs to be checked. The pit contains many components that can cause problems with the elevator’s operation. The technicians will check for signs of leaks, corrosion, and other types of damage that need to be corrected before the elevator is used again.

Schedule Your Maintenance Appointment

If your home or business has an elevator, it is imperative maintenance is carried out on a regular basis. To learn more about these valuable services, visit the website. Contact Elevator Technologies Inc. right away to schedule your appointment.

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