When to Replace Your Garage Door Springs

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Garage Door

Of all the things in your home, the garage door does a substantial amount of the work. Consider for a second just how many times you raise and lower it on a regular basis. For many people, the garage door works as hard or more than the traditional front door. However, that can take a toll on some parts of the garage door. One of the first things that often has issues are garage door springs in Melbourne, FL.

Torsion Garage Door Springs

One of the most common types of garage door springs is the torsion. These are tightly wound metal coils that utilize torque to move the garage door up when you need it to open. You can easily test if there are issues with this sort of spring. All you have to do is disengage your door opener and then raise the door manually. If the door stays up without a lot of movement or you needing to hold it, the springs are likely doing okay. Another option is to move the door to about the mid-level. Check to see if the door stays there on its own. If it does not or if the door seems overly heavy, you may need new springs.

Extension Garage Door Springs

Extension springs are another type of garage door spring, but they contract and expand when the door is lowered or raised. You can do the same testing as for torsion springs to see if they were working properly. Other options are also available to check their quality. Look at the coils and check for any gaps. If you see these, that means some of the steel has given out and you may need replacement. Another thing to watch for is whether the right and left of your door are in proper alignment. If this is not the case, that usually speaks to a spring that no longer works the way it should. You should get in contact with a professional who works with garage door springs in Melbourne, FL, to repair or replace the springs.

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