Discover the Six Dangers a Melbourne Ant Infestation Can Cause

by | Oct 10, 2022 | Pest Control

No one likes ants in their house, but these small pests can do much more damage than simply being annoying. There are six hazards ants pose to property and people that everyone should understand. Fortunately, if you do experience any of these issues, ant control treatment in Melbourne can help.

1. Disease Spreaders

Ants don’t carry disease, but they do cross-contaminate. They crawl through rubbish, dirt, and fecal matter and carry germs into your home.

2. Increased Infestation

Once ants find a good food source, they let the others know.

3. Damage to Food and Supplies

Ants chew through packaging in order to get to the food. You could be facing food damage as they destroy the containers these items are stored in.

4. Structural Damage

Ants dig around foundations as they make a best, causing the dirt to shift. This can ruin the foundation.

5. Build a Nest Inside Your Home

Once ants find a good food source, they encourage their queen to come and establish a new nest. You could end up with a nest in your kitchen before you have time to react.

6. Danger to People

Ants bite. Their bites are harmless in most situations, but they are painful. If you have an allergic reaction, it could be life-threatening.

If you notice any of these six hazards ants pose to property and people, turn to ant control treatment in Melbourne for help.

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