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While buying a home continues to be the American dream, the shape it takes has morphed into a number of different shapes as the world has changed, economies have shifted, and the real estate market has evolved. A different type of home is rapidly becoming popular among Americans; that of life in manufactured homes. New Double Wide Mobile Home Sales in Charleston SC is rapidly growing, providing an affordable alternative to home buyers in South Carolina.

The number one reason why manufactured homes are so popular in the rapidly expanding middle class is, naturally, the cost. According to experts, mobile homes or trailers can cost a minimum of 10-35% less per square foot to build than traditional site-built houses. With easy financing available also, many consumers with less than perfect credit due to the previous recession find this a viable option.

Gone are the days of the stigma of trailer park eye sores and sofas on the front lawn. Today’s mobile home neighborhoods are barely distinguishable from traditional neighborhoods. Today’s parks often offer front and back yards and family atmospheres appropriate for children and senior citizens alike. However, there are options, as mobile homeowners can either rent or own the land where the home is placed. Today’s numbers indicate in excess of 75% of manufactured homes are located on private property, while the remaining 25 percent are located in mobile home communities where homeowners rent the space.

Today’s generation of mobile homes are energy efficient, offering energy star appliances, heating and cooling systems, water heaters, and high-performance windows. In fact, any amenity you could have in a site built home can also be placed in a manufactured home, from wall-to-wall carpet, hardwood floors, 10′ ceilings, ceramic tile or garden tubs. Luxury can be yours in new double wide mobile home sales in Charleston SC.

Whether a consumer wants a one-bedroom or four-bedroom home, owner financing or bank financing, new or repo, a wide array of floor plans are available. Contact N and M Homes to take a look at photos of current inventory, make contact with a sales representative or learn more information about financing.

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