Don’t Stand For Standing Water!

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Whether you own a home or business in Long Island, New York, you’ll be in dire straits if an appliance or pipe bursts. While some emergencies cannot be controlled, proper and regular maintenance can do wonders for your ole pipes. Consider these common culprits when inspecting for damage:


An essential appliance in any home (and many a business), your refrigerator has a tendency to accumulate moisture as it cools food. Especially in the warm summer months, hot outside air will interact with the condenser coil to create condensation. As refreshing as it may be to hold your head in the freezer, consider the implications of a burst or blocked water line from all that water pooling on the floor. Adjust the temperature of your fridge as needed, and take prompt action if you suspect that the in/outsource to your freezer’s ice machine has been compromised.


While most overflows are caused by improper use or application of detergent (no, liquid dish soap is NOT a detergent), a dys- or non-functional float switch is just as liable to cause a leak or blockage in your dishwasher. Simple to replace, you’ll also want to make sure that your strainer is not clogged; both could potentially cause further damage to this most convenient of modern appliances. If neither appear to be the problem, have a professional check the fittings on your dishwasher to your home’s water supply.


Beyond the obvious reasons for a toilet to overflow or clog, a plethora of possibilities could be causing the leak in your bathroom’s john. If a plunger or OTC cleaner doesn’t do the trick, have a professional look at your bathroom piping to find and fix the source of the problem. Trust us, this is NOT an issue that you want to get worse!

Upstairs HVAC Units

Though an HVAC unit isn’t connected to your home’s plumbing, it does have pipes that collect and drain condensation. Especially if you have an Air Conditioner on an upper floor, a leak from accumulated moisture may well have led to damage to the walls and floor. Rather than wait for water to fall through the ceiling, keep an attentive eye on your AC to ensure that it is not dripping.

Whether you live or work in Long Island, the last thing you need in your hectic life is a leak. From detection to reparation, the professionals at Atlantic Leak are here to help. Give us a call at the first sign of damage, or contact us online at Website Url to schedule your preventative maintenance today.

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