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by | Sep 30, 2022 | Child Care Center

Autism is a spectrum disorder affecting 1 in 68 children in the United States. Although autism has become more prevalent over the past two decades, researchers have been unable to pinpoint the cause. Autism is a neurological disorder diagnosed by evaluating behavioral symptoms. Individuals with autism have limitations in social communication and interaction. For instance, people with autism may not understand social cues and have difficulty understanding figurative language.

Individuals with autism also have differences in behavior. For example, a person with autism may engage in a repetitive motor movement, such as hand flapping. In addition, changes in routine may cause anxiety and distress. The person may also be over- or under-responsive to sensory input. Strong smells or loud sounds may be very bothersome. Although there is no cure, autism treatment in Miami FL can help to improve symptoms.

Treatment for autism is generally skill based. Therapists may use applied behavior analysis to teach children skills they are not acquiring naturally. Targeted skills may focus on language development, adapting to change, reducing aggressive behavior, or academics. Some individuals with autism will have difficulty applying skills in a variety of settings or situations. Therapists will need to make sure that the skills taught are practiced in a variety of ways and environments to promote generalization.

Individuals with autism will not acquire social skills by simply being placed in social situations. Missing skills, such as how to respond to someone who initiates a social interaction, will need to be explicitly taught. Speech therapy can assess and address social communication issues. Participation in a social skills group may also be beneficial. The group lesson can explicitly teach a specific skill and practice that skill in a controlled environment. As a skill is mastered in the controlled setting, it will also need to be practiced in a variety of other settings to help the individual generalize the skill.

Although it can be difficult for parents when their child is diagnosed with a lifelong disorder, there is hope for those with autism. Symptoms will improve with Autism Treatment in Miami FL. Contact A1A Behavioral Health for more information.

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