Pain Management Doctors in Jacksonville

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Pain Management

Riverside Pain Physicians provides pain management services. It has four offices in the Jacksonville, Florida area with the largest in Orange Park. The doctors treat patients suffering from chronic pain caused by injury, surgery, cancer treatments, arthritis or other problems. Doctors who specialize in pain management have a variety of backgrounds that include anesthesiology, neurology, psychology, and physical rehabilitation.

What services does Riverside Pain Physicians provide?
In addition to pain medicine in Jacksonville, Riverside Pain Physicians offers a variety of services that include physical therapy, psychological treatment, and advice on lifestyle changes.

When examining a new patient, the doctor will begin by taking a detailed patient history during which they will ask about the location and severity of the pain. They will also want to know if the pain is constant, or if it comes and goes, or if certain activities make it worse.

In many cases, the doctor will find that the pain is caused by a common condition like tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. After determining that cause of the pain, the doctor will design a treatment starting with conservative and minimally invasive procedures. Possible treatments can include steroid injections, splints, and implants that prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.

What is prolotherapy?
Prolotherapy is a non-surgical, outpatient treatment for conditions including chronic lower back pain, whiplash, and various joint problems. The doctor will administer an injection containing anesthetic, concentrated dextrose, and various compounds. The solution will cause the body to react as if it has a new injury and thus stimulate the healing process, including the production of collagen.

It takes about a week for the injection to take full effect. While many patients are fully recovered by the end of that week, others may need subsequent injections.

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