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The birth of a baby brings great joy and excitement plus unavoidable added expenses. One of the first decisions new parents must make is whether to choose breastfeeding or a commercial infant formula. The decision demands careful research and consideration.

Nutritional Content of Infant Formula

Infant formulas have been enhanced in recent years to provide more of what a baby would gain from breastfeeding. In addition to important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, beneficial ingredients naturally found only in breast milk have been added to infant formulas. These ingredients include DHA, ARA, prebiotics, lutein, choline, and nucleotides. DHA is an important omega-3 fatty acid that promotes healthy eye and brain development.

Affordability of Store-Brand Infant Formulas

Depending on the type of formula and the store where it is purchased, it is possible to spend up to 50 percent less on a store-brand formula than a major name-brand product. When using SNAP benefits to purchase formula, that could mean twice as many days of eligibility for infant formula.

Added Perks of Buying Store-Brand Infant Formula

Unlike major name brands, store-brand formula makers do not offer free baby formula samples to hospital maternity wards. Instead they offer cash-off coupons and monthly sweepstakes entries on their website. Instead of free baby formula samples, sweepstakes participants could potentially win two cases of formula worth $165 or a free iPad Mini worth $349.

Until you win the free formula or the beautiful iPad Mini to help you keep entering monthly sweepstakes, you will still be winning by the money you save every month buying store-brand baby formula. For more information, contact the leading supplier of store brand baby formulas.

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