Enhance Your Yard Just In Time For Summer With a Modern Pergola

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Security

Summer is right around the corner, it’s the best time of the year to spend outside with your family. If you’re looking to create the perfect outdoor hangout then a modern pergola is the product for you.

What is a Pergola?

You may be wondering, what exactly is a pergola? It’s not a common term used in the United States but you can find them everywhere you go, they’re often used at restaurants and cafes, parks, business patios and many other places.

Generally, a pergola is an open structure with four support beams, lattice style top, and no walls. It’s used to give added shade to an outdoor area and create an area for people to spend time. It’s open style top means that light and the breeze can come through, while still giving some cover from direct sun rays. You can also easily add curtains or a cover to the top for added shade.

Benefits of a Pergola

Pergolas have many benefits both for your family and your property, especially when adding a beautifully designed modern style. They are an easy way to instantly upgrade any outdoor space. You can attach it to your home and create an extension of your property adding a covered patio. These structures are great for adding coverage to a barbeque pit that still gives good circulation.

You can also place them in your yard, by a pool or garden, since these structures can stand alone the possibilities of placements are endless.

Adding a pergola to your home can also increase the curb appeal and overall value. When considering the addition, make sure to consult a professional team beforehand. They’ll be able to give you advice on design, material, placement, and give you a competitive price to built it for you. Unless you’re an experienced DIYer you’ll want to be sure to get help from professionals to prevent damage to your property later on.

An Experienced Company

When looking for a company to help revamp your yard, check out Mulholland Brand.

They have over 25 years of experience in the industry and they have worked with a wide range of materials such as aluminum, steel, wood and iron. They strongly believe that low maintenance materials for your railings, gate, pergola and fence are going to be a great option for you, your home and your family. Additionally, they have become professionals at installing on challenging terrains, such as hills and sloped driveways. They have solutions for almost any situation.

Mulholland Brand Materials

They use a special high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. Which is then add to its strength and longevity by applying a polyester powder coat directly from their manufacturing facility.

They proudly manufacture all of their products in the United States. All products are manufactured from the highest grade materials that are focused on offering low maintenance and rust resistance.

Call for More Information

If you’re interested in a modern pergola, please feel free to contact Mulholland Brand today. Their processes are completely computer calibrated and made exactly to your measurements. You won’t find products anywhere made to such high standards.

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