The pros and cons of granite countertops

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Business

Granite countertops in Minneapolis and elsewhere come with a number of pros and cons that homeowners will need to take into consideration before deciding to have them installed in their kitchen or bathroom.

One thing about granite that many people can perceive to be a big disadvantage is that it can be quite costly in itself and to have installed in the home, but one the other hand one of the best things about granite countertops is the fact that they add value to your home in the event that you decide to move.

Some people may dislike the fact that granite countertops are as durable as they are as they cannot be changed without ripping them out completely in the event that you tire of the colour, but the flipside to this is that they also do not depreciate in value over time.

Those who prefer to have a uniform look in their kitchen may dislike the fact that every slab of granite is different to another, but the great thing about this is that every countertop made from granite is therefore truly unique, and provide a natural surface that comes with a near luminous appearance.

Granite countertops can be damaged if hit by sharp and hard objects such as a meat cleaver, but because they are formed by pressure and heat granite countertops are able to tolerate heat – such as that from a pan – much better than some other materials.

Granite countertops are also simple to clean with a mild detergent and warm water

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