Three Ways Butterfly Knives Open & How to Choose an Opening Style for You

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Knives

Butterfly knives are so named because they spring open from a fully closed and protected casing, much likely butterfly wings open and close quickly. If you are interested in owning a butterfly knife, then you should know that butterfly knives open in one of three ways. You will have to decide for yourself which opening style is right for you prior to purchasing a knife.

Classic Switchblade Style

A button in the handle of the knife spring-releases the blade to an open position. You have to be holding the knife correctly before you press the button, or you could cut the palm of your hand or cut fingers. These knives are styled and even colored or painted, making them very attractive to a knife collector who may or may not intend to ever use them.

Spring Bolt Pen Style

These knives are often cleverly disguised as pens or other cylindrical items. Depressing a button on the side of the barrel of the knife ejects a pointed cylindrical blade that is ideal for quick, deep jabs. The endpoint on these blades is sharp enough to cut, but it’s the jabbing feature that makes this type of butterfly knife unique.

Rotational Outward Spring

Stylistically, these knives are beautiful. However, they are not exactly conducive to functional use because the double-sided blades swing open on a pin and fold inward using that same rotational pin. When closed and the safety engaged, the knife resembles a claw with no exposed blade. When open, the sheath of the blade becomes the handle.

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