Old School Switchblade Meets Modern Detailing and Features in OTF Knives

The best automatic knives for sale are OTF knives. No, OTF doesn’t mean “of the family” here. Instead, it refers to “out the front,” since that is where the blade appears. There are two different types of OTF knives, and both should be handled with care.

Side Switchblade

Back in the day, you’d press a button on the side of the knife and the blade swung out on a spring hinge from the side of the knife. These switchblades never really died out, but they have become a little bit safer. Safety latches for the automatic spring releases have been installed on some knives. Other side opening blades require a manual opening of the blade from the handle. Details in the handle design have created numerous more styles of the best automatic knives for sale.

Out-the-Front Blades

The blades of these knives are true OTFs. the press of a release button pushes the blade, knife point first, straight out the end of the knife handle. A safety latch on each of these knives ensures that an accidental release of the blade does not result in stabbing or cutting oneself. The exceptional thing about these knives in particular is that they can accommodate a bigger blade when the handle itself is larger. Numerous lengths, blade styles, and handle styles are available. They make great gifts for the knife enthusiast or knife collector on your list, too.

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