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by | Nov 19, 2020 | Insurance Services

Affordable Health Insurance Asheville NC is an essential investment for providing coverage for your health problems, hospitalization and other medical expenses. National health insurance did not gain popularity in the US and the private health insurance firms have always been the primary source for insuring most of the population. According to statistics private insurance providers insure about 58% of the US population. Senior citizens and children from low-income households are covered mainly by public insurance schemes or health plans like Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP etc. Some other public programs that offer coverage to individuals include TRICARE and Veterans Health Administration that grant health benefits to ex military personnel. Health coverage of lower income groups through State-sponsored contributions to their own funded programs.

Medical expenses contribute to a substantial part of the debt in a typical American household. Statistics show that of those individuals that filed for bankruptcy in 2007, 62% of these individuals had $1000 or more in outstanding dues as medical expenses. In addition, of those persons, 92% had unpaid expenses exceeding five thousand dollars. Recent political movements in the United States have been fighting for more easy availability of health care to all US citizens. President Obama approved and signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that also requires that citizens are bound to buy medical insurance or be punishable with fines in order to receive the benefits of this act. In this current set-up, an individual has to hunt for cheapest Affordable Health Insurance Asheville NC quotes for individual coverage to protect against the high costs of medical care in the US.

Employers can contribute to your health insurance coverage but if you are an individual that is not covered through a managed plan from your employer, you can purchase coverage on your own. In most cases these policies tend to have higher health insurance quotes than plans sponsored by an employer. Those who sponsor their own insurance coverage tend to end up paying a higher share for their health costs from their own pockets indicating that such individual policies are less comprehensive in their coverage.

However those who are self employed, between jobs or have a small business have to purchase their own coverage. Sometimes wage earners too apply for individual coverage as their employer does not offer insurance benefits, or the employer-sponsored plan is too costly or the employee works too few hours to qualify for sponsored coverage. Those individuals and groups that seek the best deals for Affordable Health Insurance Asheville NC are constantly looking for the most reasonable Affordable Health Insurance Asheville NC quotes. Asheville residents can apply for coverage online for a wide range of policies.

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