Home Elevator Lifts: Ensuring Child Safety in Your Residence

Home elevator lifts offer invaluable assistance to disabled individuals, but they can pose potential risks when younger children are present in the home. Here are four essential safety tips to ensure your children stay safe around home elevators:

Educate Your Children: Provide your children with a comprehensive lesson on elevator safety, emphasizing that it is a tool for assisting family members and not a plaything. Teach them to refrain from pushing buttons randomly, which could cause unnecessary wear and tear. Discourage activities like playing hide-and-seek in the elevator, as they can lead to accidents.

Supervise Elevator Use: Children should only ride the elevator without adult supervision if they are mature enough to do so responsibly. If the primary user of the elevator is an adult with a disability, ensure that only older, responsible children accompany them to minimize the risk of accidents.

Address Potential Gaps: Pay attention to the gaps present at the back of the landing door and entry gate. These spaces, known as “space gaps,” could pose a danger to children if they attempt to reach through or squeeze past them. Implement solutions to eliminate these gaps, ensuring the elevator is safer for children to use.

Enforce the ‘Phone On Rule’: Establish a rule that requires children to carry their phones and keep them powered on whenever they use the elevator. This rule ensures that they can quickly call for help in case of an emergency or malfunction, facilitating a swift response and ensuring their safety.

Following these four Kids’ Safety Tips for Families with Home Elevators enables families to experience the advantages of home elevator lifts while reducing potential risks to their children.

For additional information and support, please reach out to Mobility123 – Stairlifts & Elevators.

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