Preparing for Colonoscopy Treatment in Jacksonville

As people grow older, there are many procedures which they are recommended to get. One of these procedures recommended, especially after the age of 50, is the colonoscopy. Of course, if the person’s family has a history of issues with the colon, that person may be recommended to have a colonoscopy earlier. There are doctors who provide Colonoscopy Treatment in Jacksonville. A colonoscopy is an exam that inspects the colon for issues such as polyps. These are some of the things that must be done to be prepared for a colonoscopy.

Any person who has had a colonoscopy will assure first timers that the prep work is the worst part of it. That should take the fear out of having to get the procedure done. The main thing that has to happen is that the colon must be completely emptied so that there is nothing obstructing the view of the colon and rectum during the exam. The day before the examination, your doctor will have you on a special diet that is limited to clear liquids. This includes items such as popsicles and sometimes gelatin.

You will also have to take a laxative per the doctor’s instructions to ensure the colon is completely evacuated. In some cases, the doctor may also have you take measures for complete evacuation. If you are a person who is diabetic or has hypertension, you will be given instructions a week before the examination. The day of the examination, the patient is advised to wear loose clothing and leave all valuables at home or in the care of a loved one. The patient cannot drive himself or herself to the exam, as he or she will still be out of it after the 20-minute process.

Digestive Disease Consultants has been providing colonoscopies and other gastro-intestinal procedures for patients in Jacksonville. They thrive on patients being aggressive with early detection examinations.

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