Mushrooms and Hemp: A New Take on All-Natural Supplementation

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Looking for Pain Relief With Natural Products?

Many American adults are reporting increasing chronic pain. With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, unfortunately, back pain has become a scourge among Americans over the age of 40. While not universally experienced, the rise in chronic back pain complaints has taken doctors by storm.

Using CBD hemp oils for pain has become increasingly common. CBD is a distinctly different product than what some think of when it comes to hemp products. There is no psychedelic effect with CBD as CBD does not necessarily contain THC. Since there’s no THC, CBD hemp oils are freely sold.

The treatment modalities aren’t yet fully understood, it’s believed that using CBD hemp oils for pain will reduce inflammation and help with chronic aches. More research needs to be conducted but anecdotally some Americans report success.

Bio-Hacking With Mushrooms

Not the same mushrooms as the magical variety, Lions Mane mushrooms get the name from the almost bushy-looking mane they carry. These mushrooms are also believed to help with inflammation and neuron repair as well as memory retention. Lion’s mane can be powdered into Lions Mane mushroom capsules to make consumption easier.

Similar to CBD, more research is needed to confirm the effects of Lions Mane mushrooms. Supplementing with Lions Mane mushroom capsules can be a good way to boost the nutritional content of your current supplement routine.

Where Can You Try CBD and Lions Mane?

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